Haciendas in México

Haciendas, large all-inclusive agriculture estates or plantations developed in México beginning with land grants to Spanish conquistadors and settlers in the 16th and 17th centuries.

With independence from Spain in 1820 through their break-up with land reform after the Mexican revolution in the 1920’s they were a great and diverse source of wealth to the new economic power and then a nation in conflict in search of social democracy.

Iconic figures of Mexico in the haciendas: the charro: the romantic representation of freedom and physical prowess. The landowner – The leader of their lands … Part of the colonial past and the new dynamics of Mexico.

Many times within the history of a hacienda, the region and experiences of all who owned, lived and worked there dictated destiny.

This was a new country with diverse large resources. From ranching to mining to agriculture, each region’s properties were unique and developed along with the history of the nation.


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