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FRONTERAS a musical

juan ignaciofronterasfronteras

Ignacio Sotolongo Rosell of Zacatecas (b. Havana, Cuba) created a new musical with his dancers this spring 2016.  I asked him about the process:

fronteras poster


FRONTERAS is a musical  – song and dance piece- with a serious theme – the migrant in today´s world.  This is a work from Italy that I adapted to deal with our reality here in México.  It is composed of dance, music, singing, theatre.  I mounted and choreographed the piece.

Why a musical?

I worked in musicals for 13 years.  The work of musical theatre is very interesting and complex for a classical dancer.  Its not that difficult, its a question of rehearsing singing and theatre techniques.

When is Fronteras being presented?

The last large scale presentation was during the Festival de Teatro de Calle de Zacatecas at the end of October 2016.  During 2017 we will be touring throughout the state of Zacatecas, which is a great experience for the young performers.  Its an opportunity to feel the difference between various audiences, and to maintain a professional level in stressful circumstances, many times inadequate stages and rapid adjustments.   That is the nature of live performance.

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