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Miguel Angel Ortíz Bonilla: Permanence and Time

Permanence and Time is a series that talks about the flow of ideas, and perhaps of moods. Of the natural environment -the desert – and its presence in the identity and processes of change.  Here is the genealogy of the series.  It is not concluded, in fact, I have delved back into it a short time ago.

The work started in Tijuana in 2001 and now continues in Mexico City and Zacatecas.

FRONTERAS a musical

Ignacio Sotolongo Rosell of Zacatecas (b. Havana, Cuba) created a new musical with his dancers this spring 2016.  I asked him about the process: What is FRONTERAS? FRONTERAS is a musical  – song and dance piece- with a serious theme – the migrant in today´s world.  This is a work from Italy that I adapted

Art strolling at the MUSA

   My friend Frankie/Francisco & I attended the hugely popular “Night at the MUSA” with a chamber music program of modernists Satie, Stravinsky and more accompanying the Mexique-Francais modern show.  The show was interesting as it paired similar tendancies in painters during the early to mid 20th century.  It was so crowded & we had