Irma Valerio

What is a gallery, and what is the role of the art dealer, the gallerist?


  • Barranca de Huentitan

    Heaven and earth, without shelter from shadows, relentless. Fire fell from above, fire left the bowels of the world, fire accumulated all directions, in solemn silence. “To the Water´s Edge” by Agustín Yañez The Barranca de Huentitán is a canyon, a huge national park that is unusual due to its proximityto such a large metropolitan…

  • Haciendas in México

    Haciendas, large all-inclusive agriculture estates or plantations developed in México beginning with land grants to Spanish conquistadors and settlers in the 16th and 17th centuries. With independence from Spain in 1820 through their break-up with land reform after the Mexican revolution in the 1920’s they were a great and diverse source of wealth to the…

  • Raul Conde: mountain biker and trainer in Guadalajara

    I´ve been riding and pedaling bicycles as long as I have been walking. Its the best way to get around, to transport myself in daily activities as well as to get great exercise while experiencing beautiful scenery right around Guadalajara Raul Cycling for health and fitness It only takes two to four hours a week…